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A team from UN Office on Drugs and Crime checks on performance and needs of Maritime Affairs Authority

Captain Yeslam Mubarak Bou Amr, Executive Vice President of the Authority and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, met on Sunday morning in his office at the Authority’s headquarters in the capital, Aden, with Mr. Omar Al-Awdat, Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in the capital, Aden, to discuss a number of the Authority’s needs in the field of achieving maritime safety and preserving the marine environment and to closely monitor the Authority’s situation in the process of evaluating and putting forward proposals to support it.

Captain Bou Amr welcomed the Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, thanking him for his visit to the Authority’s headquarters, which is his second visit since his arrival to the capital, Aden, and stressing that the Authority is continuing the work of development and qualification for work by implementing many of the tasks that were talked about in the first meeting, including the opening of the Authority’s headquarters after its rehabilitation, and reopening and activating the Regional Center for Information Exchange in the capital, Aden, after it stopped working for many years, and the rehabilitation work for the Authority’s boats, which already began, mentioning some important needs to restore it to its previous state, in addition to restoring work in the Authority in the correct manner and activating communication with international organizations, stressing on carrying out many tasks in the aspect of qualification and training for employees.
For his part, Omar Al-Awdat thanked the Vice President of the Maritime Affairs Authority for the warm reception and welcome, stressing to him the interest of the United Nations Office in the maritime field and the state institutions therein, including the General Authority for Maritime Affairs, and their readiness to participate in these actions that have reactivated the work of the Authority, calling for submitting perceptions and reports that will receive a response from Before the office.

Following the meeting, the Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) toured the Authority’s headquarters after its restoration, expressing his admiration for the building’s rehabilitation operations. He also visited the Regional Information Exchange Center and listened to a detailed explanation of its work and its basic needs, including communications equipment, programs, etc. He also got viewed on the Authority’s work to combat Marine pollution and equipment present with the Authority and expressed their willingness to contribute to these operations and hold specialized training courses for the Authority’s employees.

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