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A Terrorist Arrested While Implanting an Explosive Package in Al-Musaimeer – Lahj

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S[su_dropcap]S[/su_dropcap]ecurity Belt Troops in Al-Musaimeer – Lahj, exhausted implanting an explosive package on the public road at Affan at Sunday January 6th, 2019. “S. S. A. S.” was arrested by a security belt patrol while implanting an explosive package on the the public line, 500 meters from Al-Tannan inspection post.
Usually, military vehicles of the security belt, the army and southern resistance troops participating in border combats with Al-Houthi coup militias, use this public line.
In addition, preliminary investigations asserted close relations of the arrested terrorist and other terrorist and coup elements. Immediately after receiving the report, Thabet Al-Alawi, commander of operations of the Security Belt in Lahj headed to the explosive package location as the package was successfully dismantled and the terrorist was arrested. Both civilians and military personnel expressed their reliefe for the alertness and readiness of the security belt troops under commandership of Galal Al-Rubaei, commander of the security belt in Lahj, and Mohamed Ali Al-Hawshabi, commander of Al-Musaimeer sector.

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