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Abu Yamama: We Will Never Abandon the Southern Transitional Council’s Support and we Call for‎ All Southern People to Mobilize to Al-Mualla Event ‎ Tuesday October 10th 2017

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Brigadier Muneer Al-Yafeay (Abu Yamam), commander of the first brigade – backup and support ‎‎– indicated that the attitude of backup and support forces and security belt forces is clear in supporting the Southern Transitional Council and they will never change it as it is a national project of ‎a free people. In his press release, Abu Yamam said: “we all know that the Southern Transitional Council was delegated by the peoples of the south in two event on May 11th and May 21st to be the‎ political representative of the southern people and its rightful cause in front of international and regional bodies. We assure that the council is open to all southern people without any exclusions. ‎With the formation and activation of the remaining council’s committees, the council will be holding‎ all sectors of the southern people as its patriotic leadership is moving ahead towards full liberation and independence to establish the free modern State of the South”. Abu Yamama called for all ‎southern citizens of Al-Mehra to mobilize to Adan and participate in Al-Mualla Event in celebration‎ of the 54th anniversary of the glorious 14th October Revolution. He indicated that this celebration is a real test for our will towards achieving full independence and the establishment of a southern state. It is a practical response to anyone who is trying to steal the southern victories over Al-Houthi invasion and eliminating evil and terrorism from the south just to force the south to return to the‎ doors of Yemen again. To those who are still supporting the ousted Saleh or Muslim Brotherhood‎ we clearly say that our south today is not the same as begore and forcing us to turn back is farther than the sun itself. In conclusion of his statement, Abu Yamam said: “I’m fully confident that our‎ southern people and leadership will never be dragged to conflicts our enemies of coup forces and brotherhood want us to be dragged to and I’m fully assured that we, with all noble citizens of this country, will continue our rightful pursuit towards establishing organizations of a modern southern state and achieving our expected independence. ‎

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