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Abyan Combat Axis Leadership: Terrorist operations will not deter us from continuing to uproot extremist elements

Brigadier General Mohammed Qasim Atwa, head of operations of Abyan combat axis, said that the treacherous terrorist operations against the southern armed forces will not prevent us from continuing to uproot extremist elements from Abyan.

Atwa continued in his speech to the program “Hadith Al-Asimah” on the “Aden Independent Channel”: “We are continuing our work in chasing the last, remaining and discordant elements of the organizational gangs that have entered upon the people of the South soon, and we are currently pursuing them in Modiya, Wadi Omran and the mountainous areas, and we are currently passing through a difficult stage, especially since the elements are stationed in valleys and rugged areas that make access difficult.”

Brigadier General Mohammed Atwa stressed, “We call on the coalition forces to provide us with military equipment, modern devices, and unmanned aerial vehicles so that we can properly complete our mission in the valleys and mountains.”

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