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Activists: Adan Explosives Incited by Muslim Brotherhood

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Follow-ups [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Southern activists condemned what they called “continuous incitement campaign” that drove terrorist powers to launch a suicide attack on the headquarters of anti-terrorism forces in Adan leading to the killing of 6 persons, including a child, and 31 injuries, including 7 soldiers. The attack was launched with two car bombs one of them exploded near the gate of the headquarters of anti-terrorism forces in Gold Moor area in Al-Tawahy while the other exploded in a military barrack on the opposite side of the first attack. The attackers camouflaged the first car as a wedding car to penetrate the gate. Guards managed to exhaust the attack and kill all the attackers despite the complex method used in it.
Commenting on the attack, Adel Al-Yafeay, a southern journalist, said: “continuous incitement by the media tools of the Reform Parties and those who lost their interests against anti-terrorism forces, the security belt and UAE naturally will lead to such painful scenes”. Sara Abdullah Hasan, a southern journalist, said: “immediately after they knew about the visit of representatives of the UN delegate to Adan to open an office there, terrorism hit again. This is consistent with the media coverage of Al-Jazeera and continuous incitement of Muslim Brotherhood, with Qatari support, to hinder the work of international organizations in Adan”. Gamal Ben Attaf, a southern media activist, said: “after extensive media campaigns by Muslim Brotherhood channels, anti-terrorism forces in Adan are targeted”. Without accusing specific parties, Ahmed Omar Ben Farid, a leader in the southern transitional council said: “those who lost direction for liberating Sanaa are fostering terrorism. They are not even ashamed of providing evidence on their involvement. When their elements are hit hard in Awdy Al-Musainy, they seek revenge in Adan, targeting the headquarters of the southern transitional council and anti-terrorism forces. No matter what they do, the south is coming, and they are to vanish”. Hany Mashour, a southern writer, put the responsibility over the shoulders of the legitimacy government saying: “what happened in Adan is partially the responsibility of the legitimacy authority that dedicated its media tools to attack the southern transitional council”. Ahmed Saleh, a southern politician, said: “war in the south is war of conflicting projects and terrorism is a mere tool used by official bodies of the state and other parties and powers. The southern people is fighting a determination war against terrorism, extremism and their financial bodies. The battel is for the destiny and future of a nation and the security of region”.

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