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Adan University Honors Winners and Participants in the National Expedition of Innovation and Creation

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive –Mohamed Musaed[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] In an honorary ceremony held in Ebn Khaldoun Hall on Thursday morning, Adan University honored the three winners of the Expedition of Innovation and Creation. Winners were:
1. Kamel Abd Al-Mageed Mohamed Abdullah (1.000.000 Riyal)
2. Saif Zu Yazan Abdullah Ali (750.000 Riyal)
3. Ryham Aidarous Ahmed – Mariam Abd Al-Hakeem Omar – Mohamed Ahmed Al-Dahma (500.000 Riyal)
Winners of honorary medals in each field are:
Educational Technology:
1. Laila Taher Musad Fadel (microscope)
2. Abdullah Mohsen Nasser (Adam)
3. Anees Awad Ba Gubair (teaching ethics with games)
1. Wael Mustafa Ali Mohamed (a medication for diabetics)
2. Doa Tarek Abdullah Ahmed (Fan Shape E17)
3. Salem Abdullah Salem Al-Hamed (massage splint)
Agriculture and Ecology:
1. Mohamed Ahmed Said Haddad (protection of the hydrological system in rock liars when disposing explosives)
2. Hesham Mohsen Salem Al-Attas (disposing plastic wastes)
3. Saleem Thabet Al-Maiah (injection irrigation)
Applied Engineering (computer – electronics – IT – electric, mechanical and architecture engineering)
1. Thabet Salem Al-Azab (natural ecology of sustainable green buildings in Yemen)
2. Ryham Aidarous Ahmed – Mariam Abd Al-Hakeem Omar – Mohamed Ahmed Al-Dahma (smart wheel chair)
3. Nashwan Abd Al-Maged Al-Hemiary (Mariam)
Alternative and Renewable Energy:
1. Kamel Abd Al-Mageed Mohamed Abdullah (green idea center for eco-investment)
2. Hasan Olwy Hasan Al-Baity (electric generator for free energy)
3. Maged Mohamed Abdullah Abdu (generating energy from electromagnetic waves and thermal synthesis)
Artificial Intelligence:
1. Amal Hussain Abdullah Ragab (electronic stick for blinds)
2. Roea Institute for Robot and Artificial Intelligence (Interactive Receiver Robot)
3. Mohamed Zohair Mohamed Mawla (smart robot arm)
Young Inventor:
1. Saif Zu Yazan Abdullah Ali (economic car)
2. Al-Bihany Secondary School (model of paper recycling factory)
3. Awad Khaled Awad Ba Musawa (a technique for transferring patients from bed to bed in comfort)
Arts and Sculpture:
1. Yaquob Salem Awad Haishan (drawing with sand on glass)
2. Wael Saleh Mohamed Hussain (sculpture and decoration)
3. Samed Abd Al-Kawy Saleh Ahmed (Arabic Handwriting)

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