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Aden Electricity appeals to PLC and the government to urgently intervene to secure fuel for power stations

The General Electricity Corporation of Aden renewed its call to the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) and the Government to intervene quickly to secure fuel for power stations.

In a statement, the corporation’s media office demanded the need for urgent intervention to secure fuel for the stations, which have already begun to reduce generation to a minimum, after the amount of diesel fuel is about to run out and there are no other payments to ensure the continuity of service.

The statement pointed out that the president’s station, PetroMasila, is still operating at 60% of the capacity of the current turbine, due to the lack of crude oil fuel in an amount that allows it to operate at its maximum capacity.

It stressed that despite the repeated appeals to all concerned parties, unfortunately they are ignored and not dealt with seriously, and the remaining fuel is almost enough to operate the generating stations for specific hours, which will lead to the city entering complete darkness in the event of its cessation of service.

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