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Aden Ring Belt Forces launches the 2024 training year

Brigadier Jalal Al-Rubaie, Staff of the Security Belt Forces, Commander of Aden the Capital Security Belt forces, on Saturday, inaugurated the new training and combat year 2024 for Aden the Capital Ring Belt Forces.

Brigadier General Al-Rubaie appreciated the role played by members of the Belt forces of Aden Ring in securing the capital, as they are its safety valve, praising their achievements, stressing that the South is going through a difficult stage, and that the conspiracies are great, and the enemies are planning to target the South.

Al-Rubaie said that we are people of rights, and we will not deviate or incline from the path of our righteous martyrs, and we will continue to march until the restoration of the southern state and the return of its gains.

The units of the Security Belt Forces of Aden Ring presented a symbolic military parade, with the participation of emergency forces, which included implementing a vehicle inspection mechanism with the participation of women police and the use of police dogs.

The inauguration witnessed a speech by the women police of the security ring, and a number of enthusiastic poetry recitals, in addition to honoring the prominent officers and soldiers at the security points.

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