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Aden security forces and anti-terrorism implement security campaign against outlaws in Crater of Aden the capital


The security and anti-terrorism forces of Aden the capital carried out, on Saturday morning, a security campaign to purify the city of Crater from some terrorist groups and spots of outlaws that are out of order and law, the Security Committee in Aden the capital, delivered a statements for the events came as follows:

Citizens in Crater city of Seera district, we ask you to abide in your homes during the next few hours, during which the security forces of Aden the capital and the anti-terrorist forces cleanse the city of some terrorist groups and outposts that are out of order and law.

The Security Committee in Aden the capital confirms that it will not tolerate any party that tries to harm the security of Aden and its citizens, and to intimidate the security and raise weapons in the face of the authority, and this is what the cameras have documented for those groups that seek to destabilize the security and stability of the country using heavy and medium weapons in their war against the city.

The Security Committee undertakes to protect private and public property, which were subject to looting and robbing during the past days at the hands of these groups within a scheme to mix papers and drag the city into chaos and sabotage

May Allah protect Aden the capital and bless the brave men of its security

The Security Committee in the capital, Aden

As a result of the campaign, violent clashes erupted in the city with armed elements who used medium and heavy weapons to target the security forces and the homes of citizens, which prompted the security forces to pursue these elements and arrest a number of them, while some elements are still holed up in residential neighborhoods.

Several security sources confirmed that the battle to purify Crater has not yet been resolved, amid the continued mobilization and military and security deployment, against gunmen affiliated with Imam al-Nubi, who previously led military Camp 20 in Crater before he was later isolated due to his involvement in numerous security breaches.

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