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After Meeting the UAE Commander General, Al-Zameky Sends a Message to Al-Houthi and Efash Militias

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Sheikh Loai Al-Zameky, commander of Bab Al-Mandeb front, sent a strong message to Iran mercenaries of Al-Houthi and Efash militias in Gebel Al-Amry that their end becomes close. Al-Zameky called for those who were tricked by sweet words to restore their minds and withdraw or they will meet the same destiny as their fellow mercenaries. This was during the meeting with other brigades’ commanders in Bab Al-Mandeb front attended by the commander in chief of UAE armed forces last Wednesday evening for discussing the military situation of the front. Al-Zameky thanked UAE armed forces for their cooperation in liberating the west coast and their continuous support of military posts for liberating the rest of the coast from Al-Houthi and Efash militias. He also praised the role of UAE and Saudi Arabia as the main supporters in the war against Iran’s expansion in Yemen through Al-Houthi and Efash militias.

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