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After Praising her “Active Role”, Ben Doghr Givs Tawakol Karman the Green Light to Launch Her Attack Towards the Arab Ally

[su_label type=”info”]SAMA News – Istanbul[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_label type=”info”]Amman – SMA – PIC[/su_label][/su_spacer] Tawakol Karman, member of the Yemeni Reform Party – the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen – launched a severe attack on Saudi Arabia and UAE, calling the Arab Ally “the Ally of Evil”, and preaching their fall on Iran’s hands. On her page on face book, Karman attacked Saudi Arabia and UAE, the prime leaders of the Arab Ally saying: “Three years of Saudi – Emirati viciousness in Yemen is only a new chapter of the long history of conspiracy on Yemen”. She added that in a few years for most, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi will fall on the hands of Iran, calling the Saudi crown price “little Gorbachev”. She also said that madness of prices is because of the embargo of what she called “The Ally of Aggression” on Yemen while she didn’t mention Ben Doghr’s governmental failure in saving national currency from deterioration. Ben Doghr received Karman during her visit to Riyadh last April and praised her “Active Role” in a gesture that activists considered as a green light from Ben Doghr to Karman to launch her attack on the Arab Ally.

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