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Al-Awlaky: The National Assembly is a Message to Internal and External Powers

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Salem Thabet Al-Awlaky, official Spokesman of the Southern Transitional Council delivered the following statement:
In an organizational step towards strengthening the organizational structure, the first meeting of the southern national assembly was held on Saturday December 23rd, 2017 in Adan with all its members. This is a critical step towards achieving the southern will in establishing an independent sovereign federal southern state.
According to the Historic Adan Declaration issued in May 4th, 2017, and to assure the attitudes of the southern transitional council, general Ahmed Said Ben Brik was appointed as chairman of the assembly and Dr. Anis Lockman was appointed as vice chairman.
This meeting at this specific moment sends several internal and external messages, the most significant of which is that the southern people scarified a lot to liberate his lands from coup forces and its allies who are loyal to the Iranian expansion project. The southern people is deeply rooted in his lands and will run the struggle according to realistic political approach that balances between the partnership with the Arab Ally, that supported us against Al-Houthi militias, and our unnegotiable determination to restore our right of independence.
The national assembly, representing all the southern spectrum, is a key step towards real partnership in decision-making with the southern people as the sole reference for such decisions. There is no place for any third party that wishes to overwhelm our political decision.
It is a sept to open the door to all those who believe in the southern will and its safe future protected by law, democracy, peaceful devolution of power and real partnership in wealth and decision making. It is an occasion for inviting all parties to cooperate and show tolerance to strengthen our internal front against penetrations that target our unity and mean to exhaust our efforts through projects oppressive to our free will.
According to current changes, we assert that the strategic path of the southern transitional council is to stop the Iranian expansion and to secure the region. We also assert the right of our people to identify its political path according to clear goals.
At the same time, we appreciate the efforts of the UN delegate to Yemen and his calls for stopping the war and ending the stage of Yemeni dilemma in a way that doesn’t treat crises with more crises or creating fragile peace. Instead, it is permanent peace that ends the crisis and doesn’t return from the very beginning before the storm of determination. The only way is to deal with facts on the ground where the south, for more than two decades since the forceful union of 1994, achieved lots of victories and it is time for the south to gain its political rights.
Salem Thabet Al-Awlaky,
Official Spokesman of the Southern Transitional Council

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