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Al-Ba Hasany: Hostile Powers Damaged by Victories of Hadhramaut Elites over Terrorist Groups Spread Media Chaos

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Brigadier General Farag Salmeen Al-Ba Hasany, governor of Hadhramaut and commander of the second military zone, announced on Saturday morning that hostile powers damaged by victories of Hadhramaut Elites Forces over terrorist groups are trying to mislead Arab and international public opinion. Al-Ba Hasany indicated that such powers share misleading information and fake news about Hadhramaut Elites Forces although these forces are patriotic and constitutional forces with a successful experience in fighting terrorism. Al-Ba Hasany indicated that these forces cleared Hadhramaut off terrorist groups and its efforts were recognized by the Arab Coalition and Arab and Foreign countries that fight terrorism. This statement cam amid a media campaign launched by journalists loyal to a Yemeni political party who are sharing false and misleading information, the last of them was broadcasted in an official TV channel loyal the legitimacy as one of its talk shows described works of Hadhramaut Elites Forces as similar to criminal acts of Al-Houthi militias in Sanaa.


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