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Al-Bahsani Meets with Representatives of Hadhramaut in the Assembly and the Advisors

Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Bahsani, Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) and Vice-Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), met today, Wednesday, with members of the National Assembly and the Advisory Council of Advisors of the STC in Hadramaut Governorate.

At the beginning of the meeting, which was attended by the head of the Local Leadership Executive Body (LLEB) of the STC in Hadhramaut, Brigadier Saeed Al-Mohammadi, the head of the Assistant LLEB for the Affairs of the Valley and Desert Districts, Mr. Mohamed Al-Zubaidi, and the activist Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Ba-Mualem, Major General Al-Bahsani delivered a speech in which he welcomed the attendees, and highlighted the roles of the activists in the cause of the people of the South which is an integral part of the history and development of the unrelenting struggles of the South, and their unparalleled courage and ultimate sacrifices to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of their people are beyond price.

Major General Al-Bahsani pointed out the importance of Hadramaut being a role model in dealing with freedom fighters who made great sacrifices in defending the cause of the people of the South, and organizing a program of visits for them, listening to their most prominent problems and concerns, and raising their morale, explaining that this meeting marks an inauguration of a series of meetings with the political and tribal components, civil society, youth, women, religious scholars, and all segments of society in Hadramaut, calling for unity of the southern ranks, working in a team spirit, and settling differences, to overcome the challenges and difficulties of the current stage, pointing out that the struggle is not confined on one in the southern arena, which is full of defenders and freedom fighters , and touching on the necessity of openness and working to expand supporters for the cause of the South in light of the upcoming entitlements for the South.

Al-Bahsani gave directives to the LLEB in Hadhramaut Governorate to develop a plan to encourage new bloods of struggling young people and attract supporters of the cause who will definitely make an impact in the political arena, urging the headship of the STC of Hadhramaut to work ideally among citizens, find and repeatedly ask about their concerns and issues, noting in his speech the requirements of the stage of creating partnership and understandings in the South in general and Hadramaut in particular, and working to promote relations and converge views on common basic issues, due to the sensitivity of the stage that requires intensification of political, military, security, and struggle work.

He said, “The war in Gaza has tipped the scales and made it crystal clear to the world how dangerous the terrorist Houthi militia is to international shipping lanes and its continued targeting of commercial ships in continuation of its hostile approach and terrorism, which exacerbated the suffering of citizens after these practices.” He explained in the same context that the position of the STC and the PLC on the Palestinian issue is to establish an independent, fully sovereign state.

Major General Al-Bahsani touched on the recent developments in the political and military situation in the governorates of the South, the acts of the Houthi militias to expand and spread on the battle fronts, and the extent of the vigilence and readiness of the southern forces, led by the Giants forces, which have thwarted the expansionist plans and inflicted on the militias heavy losses in lives and equipment, confirming support for a just peace process and readiness for any threat or option that does not meet the aspirations of the people, and will never tolerate harming national capabilities and achievements.

He reviewed the successful experience of establishing the Hadhrami Elite Forces (HEF), which liberated the coastal cities from terrorist organizations, chased Al-Qaeda members in their homes and the valleys they used as hideouts to launch their treacherous attacks, and inflicted great human losses on them until all areas of the Hadhramaut Coast were purged of Al-Qaeda elements. He expressed his pride in the HEF that restored hope and prestige to the governorate; he called for morally supporting and adhering to these regular forces and neither replacing nor neglecting them.

Al-Bahsani sent a message to the official brothers in the Arab coalition countries led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, in which he said: “Our position as leaders and people is clear towards the brotherly countries. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a dear neighbor, and any attempt to undermine relations with it or its efforts towards our people will be met with zero tolerance. Similarly, the United Arab Emirates, which supported the founding of the HEF in the desert areas and made tremendous and great efforts, and Emirati officers and soldiers participated in the forefront of the troops during the operation to liberate the Hadhramaut Coast from Al-Qaeda, so it is not possible in any way to question the relations that bind us with the Emirati brothers.”

The Vice President of the STC stressed the importance of maintaining unity of ranks among the southern forces in light of the efforts to include all components and political forces, with the aim of unifying the southern ranks and being prepared for the upcoming entitlements and negotiations. He added, “We are working with certain leaders, supporters, and among people in order to restore our state of the South with its full sovereignty through legitimate means, and we will not deviate from the framework of our official duties as members of the PLC.”

For his part, the head of the LLEB in Hadramaut, Brigadier Saeed Al-Mohammadi, expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Al-Bahsani, who pays the representatives of Hadramaut great attention, and his constant keenness to meet them on every visit to Al-Mukalla, affirming that this guiding speech will be translated into a working plan and they will do the best to implement it in phases.

Al-Bahsani listened to interventions from members of the National Assembly and the Council of Advisors about the public conditions in Hadhramaut and the people’s suffering as a result of the continued deterioration in the value of the national currency against foreign currencies. The interventions also touched on enhancing the presence of Hadrami leaders in the STC, especially youth and women.

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