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Al-Bahsani: The Houthi militia does not believe in peace and is dragging the region into conflict

Major General Faraj Al-Bahsani, Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council, said that the Houthi militias, supported by Iran, do not have a mentality for peace, do not believe in it, and are dragging the region towards conflict.

Al-Bahsani pointed to a dangerous escalation in the aggression of these terrorist militias with a barbaric assault on Bayhan district of Shabwa Governorate, and the heroes of the Giants Brigades caused them defeat and repelled their aggression, stressing that these militias only understand the language of force which is the only deterrent to the recklessness of that terrorist group.

Major General Al-Bahsani explained in a tweet through X’s post on Monday, “They were defeated from Bayhan two years ago, and today these defeated people are trying again to invade the district and are defeated again. The defeated do not win, and in front of the heroes of the Giants’ Brigades, their losses and defeats will be permanent.”

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