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Al-Bu Hur and Al-Ba Auda Open Water Supplies Project with UAE Red Crescent Fund

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Colonel Mohamed Salem Al-Bu Hur, commander of Shabwa Wlites Forces of Azzan axis, Abdullah Atek Al-Ba Ouda, general director of Maifaa, Eng, Nasser Ba Oum, director of Shabwa Rural Water Supplies and Ahmed Mohamed Al-Neady, head od UAE red Crescent Team in Shabwa, opened Al-Feesh water supplies project in Saeed Ba Kader – Maifaa that serves more than 5000 citizens. The project, funded by UAE Red Crescent, includes digging water wells and establishing water pipes network to link wells with water tanks in addition to establishing pumping stations and restoring internal networks. The project reflects the interest of UAE Red Crescent with improving life conditions of citizens in impoverished areas.

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