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Al-Bahsni Calls on Political Components and Tribal Leaders to Unify Ranks, Visions and Policies

The Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) and Vice Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Buhsni, called on the political components and tribal leaders of the people of Hadramout both at home and abroad to unify the ranks, visions, and policies to encounter any future dangers.

During his speech at the meeting organized by tribal leaders, sheikhs, and social figures from the people of Hadramout residing in Riyadh on Wednesday evening, Major General Al-Buhsni pointed out the importance of political construction in the future phase and its role in building strong alliances both internally and externally, openness to all southerners, and convergent views between the political components through the language of dialogue.

Major General Al-Buhsni affirmed that Hadramout should get its well-deserved status in the upcoming state due to its history, geography, and resources, foremost among which is its human wealth, once again demonstrating his keenness to put the rights and interests of Hadramout at the table of any discussions both at the internal and external levels.

Al-Buhsni explained that the PLC is primarily responsible for managing the country’s affairs during this crucial phase to reach the safe harbor, as the PLC is the legitimate political leadership of the country, and he said, “I have joined the STC due to my keenness as one of the leaders of the current political and military situation that the country is passing through, to strengthen and unify the southern cohesiveness, rapprochement, and reunion of all southerners.”

Major General Al-Buhsni reviewed our country’s relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially Hadramout governorate, which has anciently been connected to it and is distinguished by being the only land port that connects our country with the Kingdom, pointing to the importance of preserving and consolidating the mutual relationship to achieve more progress, development, and prosperity for the two brotherly countries.

Major General Al-Buhsni praised the interventions of the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which provided generous support to Yemen before the Houthi militia coup on the legitimate government, and the continuation of further support after the Houthi coup by declaring the Decisive Storm, liberating many governorates from the clutches of the brutal militias, boosting the economy, and promoting military, security, and developmental aspects, as well as humanitarian relief.

Major General Al-Bahsani expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the political leaders, sheikhs, and social figures residing in Riyadh for organizing such meetings and their keenness to hold them in light of the difficult circumstances, changes, and political developments in the country.

The meeting included a range of remarks, all of which emphasized the support of the tribal and community figures residing in Riyadh for Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Buhsni and their backing for the decisions and steps he takes to obtain the full and undiminished rights of Hadramout. Moreover, the delivered speeches stressed the importance of Hadrami cohesiveness and rapprochement at this crucial phase to futile any hatched conspiracies against the governorate.

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