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Al-Bukhaity Demands Saudi Arabia and President Hady to Prioritize the Expatriates File

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Agencies[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Ali Al-Bukhaity, a Yemeni writer and politician demanded Saudi Arabia, president Hady all Yemeni officials to prioritize the expatriates file. In a video shared on his official page on face book, while leaving Queen Alia Airport heading to Riyadh, Al-Bukhaity said that expatriates should be a top priority for everyone as they represent the real battel now. He added: “Expatriates represent the most important cause. It is even more important than the battels of Naham and Suroah or any other front. This cause is not about 2 million Yemeni expatriates. Instead, it is about the whole Yemeni people as 10 to 12 other million Yemenis live in Yemen on their money transfer while others benefit from them through capital cycles. These money transfers are the only source of hard currency as Yemeni exports stopped”. He indicated that this file should be dealt with away from political differences. He warned against abandoning this serious file as it may turn into an economic disaster not only to Yemen but also to the neighboring countries.
Talking to Saudi authorities, Al-Bukhaity said: “those expatriates are working. Why then they are returned to live on aids?!! Saudi Arabia provides Yemen with billions to cover humanitarian needs. In case these expatriates are returned to Yemen, the Saudi obligations will double”. He asserted that Yemeni expatriates in Saudi Arabia should be dealt with according to social, geographic, historic and even family bondages, just as Egypt deals with Sudanese, and Jordan deals with Iraqis and Syrians. He added that Yemen is a member in some associations of the Gulf Cooperation Council and this provides its citizens with special consideration.
Talking to Oman, Al-Bukhaity asked the Sultanate to open its doors to Yemenis to work saying that “Yemeni is in crisis and Yemenis are fighting on behalf of the whole region. If they are defeated, Yemen will become part of the anti-Arab axis and this will damage everyone.
He also indicated the importance of qualifying Yemen to have full membership in the Gulf Cooperation Council as final resolution to the Yemeni crisis through alleviating the economic level of Yemen.
Al-Bukhaity also asked president Hady to address King Salman Ben Abd Al-Aziz and his crown prince, prince Mohamed Ben Salman, to exclude Yemeni expatriates from recent measures taken the Saudi Arabia, considering the special relations and joint history in addition to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.
He indicated that his visit to Riyadh aims to discuss solutions for that file and to coordinate efforts with concerned parties.

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