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Al-Ghaithy: Bihan Belongs to its Sons and Will Never Be a Cake for Hady, Mohasen and other Thugs

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Mohamed Al- Ghaithy, vice chairman of department of Foreign affairs in the southern transitional council, indicated that history will record two separate trials for dividing Shabwa and joining Bihan to Mareb. The first was done by Ali Abdullah Saleh in 1995 but then he felt shy and canceled the decree. The second trial is by Hady who feels no shame. In a tweet on his official account on tweeter, Al-Ghaithy indicated that only the will of men will abolish the decree as Bihan is for all its sons and will never be a cake to be divided by Hady, Mohsen or other thugs. In another tweet, Al-Ghaithy said: “Along all stages of agreement or disagreement with Hady I didn’t realize that he is a real enemy till today when decided to divide Shabwa and join Bihan to Mareb. This requires a clear stand from all southern people”. He added that any one who doesn’t clearly deny this decision agrees with it. He indicated that people of Bihan await a clear stand from everyone, especially the southern transitional council. He indicated that even if everyone kept silent, God forbids, Bihan will never surrender, adding that when Bihan was under Attack of Al-Houthis, Hady didn’t care to send his military troops there. He didn’t care to treat an injured or save a besieged while today he is forming six brigades just to control Bihan instead of developing it and compensating its people. He ended his words saying: “Intents are quickly revealed as this is the federation they want”.

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