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Al-Halemy: The Southern Transitional Council id the Will of the South and Recent Appointments Aim to Initiate a Dangerous Agenda in the South

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Follow-ups [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] In a TV interview with Al-Ghad Al-Mushreq channel, Murad Al-Halemy, former minister of transportation and member of the southern transitional council, indicated that the declaration of the southern transitional council reflects the will of the southern people in a critical historic moment and called for evaluating the steps taken by the council so as to avoid mistakes of the past in the south. Al-Halemy uncovered two major reasons for his dismissal: the first was the corruption of the government as relatives of president Hady interfere in the ministry’s affairs while the second reason for being member of the southern transitional council. Al-Halemy accused the legitimacy with abusing money and power as the state has no budget for two years, leading to the spread of corruption and public money abuse. He added that the presidency is reduced to Hady, his family and his office director while the government is reduced to prime minister alone and this reduction leads them to bribe people and use close persons to declare war against anyone who defends and supports the southern cause. Al-Halemy criticized Hady’s recent decisions asserting that the president depends on persons close to him while his intel systems are fully absence. He added that recent appointments are mere alternatives to initiate his power requirements. Talking about his period as a minister of transportation, Al-Halemy indicated that the ministry worked under unusual conditions after restoring the security situation in its facilities. He indicated that this ministry is the main source of the state’s economy and he – according to his words – didn’t leave a single facility of the ministry without trying to reform it.

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