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“Al-Houthi Candles” Go Off in Combat Fronts

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Sanaa [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Al-Houthi militias mourned this Friday the death of Yahia Sharaf El-Din, a prominent leader of the militias, during the failure attack on Al-Khoukha, a few days after the killing of his two sons, Abd Al-Kader and Al-Husain, on the west coast front. Field sources of the Yemeni army indicated that Sharaf El-Din was among another 80 militants who were killed on Friday during combats and raids of the Arab Ally. Sharaf El-Din was not the first of elite Al-Houthi leaders, called “the candles”, whom the militias avoided to push them in combats since the beginning of the war, but they were forced to engage in combats as tribes refused to join their sons to Al-Houthi militias according to observers. The Presidential Hospital of Hejja indicated that 50 dead corpses were transferred to the hospital after being killed in Al-Khoukha. Among those dead bodies was the body of Khaled Al-Hasjemy, son colonel Ali Al-Hashemy, deputy of Hejja security chief, and an escort of Sakr Al-Kharafsha, chief of staff of Central Security forces in Hejja but the fate of Al-Kharafsha was still unknown.

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