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Al-Houthi Militias Target Civilians in Al-Subaiha with Several Casualties Among Women and Children

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Tour Al-Baha – Ala Sultan [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_label type=”info”]Amman – SMA – PIC[/su_label][/su_spacer] Al-Houthi and Saleh militias continued their aggression against civilians using rockets and mortar shells. Attacks led hundreds of families to abandon their homes while their houses were destroyed and tens of dead and injured, most of them women and children, fell. Our military reporter in Tour Al-Baha indicated that Al-Houthi militias targeted a bus carrying women and children refugees who were trying to escape from Al-Gawazea – Al-Kubaita, on Wednesday noon. Local sources indicated that refugees were heading to Adan to escape fierce clashes in the area. The same sources asserted that tens of casualties, most of them were women and children, fell because of these attacks as the most serious injury was of a child called Ibrahim Shafia who was transferred to Médecins sans frontiers (MSF) hospital.

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