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Al-Jaadi inaugurates organizational workshop on discussing proposal of work plan directions for 2022


Mr. Fadl Mohammad Al-Jaadi, Deputy Secretary-General of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, inaugurated on Sunday, at the headquarters of the Secretariat in the capital, Aden, a workshop organized by the organizational department on discussing the proposal of the main work plan directions (main objectives) for the year 2022.

Al-Jaadi delivered a speech at the beginning of the workshop in which he pointed out to the importance of developing proposals and opinions that serve the work, and studying them to develop and enhance the performance of all departments in the secretariat and in the local leadership to provide more efforts aimed at serving the community in light of the exceptional situation in the south, hoping to come up of this workshop has valuable outputs that attract attention and achieve the desired goals.

For his part, Mr. Mohsen Abd, Deputy Head of the Organizational Department in the General Secretariat, welcomed the ideas that will be put forward to develop and improve work in presenting practical plans for the year 2022, by listening to all opinions in this workshop, which aims to update the guidelines for the work project of the activities and organizational aspects in the Secretariat departments.

The workshop discussed a number of proposals for the main directions of the work plan of the general secretariat departments for the next year, and confirmed the perceptions and proposals that were developed to strengthen the directions of the past year and add directions that contribute to strengthening the role of the secretariat departments in society, thus contributing to the delivery of national messages and achieving the goals proposed through the specific activities of each department.

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