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Al-Kathiri Discusses Aspects of Cooperation and Joint Coordination with Geneva Call

Mr. Ali Abdullah Al-Kathiri, Acting President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) and Chairman of the National Assembly, received at the headquarters of the Assembly on Sunday, Ms. Sandra Kremen, Deputy Director of Projects and Legal Affairs, at the Swiss Geneva Call.

The meeting discussed aspects of joint cooperation between the STC and the Swiss organization in the fields of raising awareness to protect civilians from conflicts, conducting capacity-building and human rights courses, training and qualifying personnel of the security and military forces in international law and protecting civilians, raising awareness of the prohibition of the use of mines, as well as the protection of those affected and children, and spreading awareness of international humanitarian law.

Mr. Al-Kathiri affirmed that the STC welcomes working with Geneva Call and all international organizations operating in the South and strengthening its humanitarian and human rights work, indicating that the Council is keen to adhere to international conventions and laws and to ensure rights and freedom in all aspects and always seeks to enhance international humanitarian and legal concepts among the Southern Armed Forces.

Al-Kathiri expressed the readiness of the STC, through its dedicated commissions, committees, and departments, and the southern military forces and security services to ease all challenges and difficulties that obstruct human rights and humanitarian work, facilitate the work of all organizations, implement whatever procedures are required to protect civilians, and enforce relevant international laws and conventions.

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