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Al-Kathiri discusses with commander of Land Protection Intervention Unit in Aden the capital ways to enhance its work

Mr. Ali Abdullah Al-Kathiri, Acting President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), Chairman of the National Assembly, on Monday, discussed with Captain Kamal Al-Halmi, Commander of the Intervention Unit for Land Protection in the capital, Aden, ways to enhance the role and work of the unit, and mechanisms for joint work with the relevant National Assembly committees.

During the meeting, which included member of the Presidency STC, Dr. Salem Al-Qumairi, the Acting President of the STC affirmed support for the efforts of the Intervention Unit to protect the lands, for everything that would stop attacks on and tampering with the lands, and resolve disputes related to them.

Al-Kathiri praised the achievements that had been achieved, which had a significant impact in establishing security, reducing random work and construction, and controlling all procedures through joint work and coordination with the competent authorities in the governorate and districts.

Al-Kathiri heard, from Captain Al-Halmi, a detailed explanation of the work of the Intervention Unit to protect lands in the capital, Aden, and its interventions in combating and removing random construction, organizing the construction process and the procedures followed in obtaining licenses from the competent authorities, in a way that ensures highlighting the civilized face of the capital, Aden, and the role of the unit in implementing Judicial rulings issued by the courts in this regard.

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