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Al-Kathiri Meets with MP Fouad Wakid

25-02-2024 Sunday
Mr. Ali Abdullah Al-Kathiri, Chairman of the National Assembly, met on Sunday in Al-Mukalla with the member of parliament (MP), Eng. Fouad Obaid Wakid, Head of the Southern Bloc in the Parliament, in the presence of Brigadier General Saeed Ahmad Al-Mohammadi, head of the Local Leadership Executive Body (LLEB) in the governorate of Hadhramout.

The meeting discussed the relationship between the Southern Bloc in the Parliament and the National Assembly and the ways of promoting these relations and benefiting from the experiences of the southern members of parliament.

The Chairman of the Assembly praised the national work undertaken by PM Wakid, who announced his joining the STC, confirming that his position represents a gain for the South and its national liberation cause, reiterating that the STC extends its hands to all who agree with it in its liberation project and the restoration of the federal state of the South, and that the aspiring state of the South is for and by all its people.

Mr. Wakid affirmed his commitment to affiliating with the STC and his complete conviction in the Council’s ability to represent the people of the South and lead them towards liberation and independence.

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