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Al-Kathiri meets with National Assembly member Sheikh Abdul Khaliq bin Hattabain

SMA NEWS – ADEN the Capital

The member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, official spokesman of the Council, Chairman of the National Southern Media Authority, Mr. Ali Abdullah Al Kathiri, met on Monday, at the authority’s headquarters in the capital, Aden, with Sheikh Abdul Khaliq bin Hattabain, member of the National Assembly of the Council.

In the meeting, Al-Kathiri briefed Sheikh bin Hattabain on the objectives of the National Southern Media Authority and the workflow of all sectors affiliated with it.

Al-Kathiri stressed that the establishment of the National Southern Media Authority came in response to the necessity of coordinating and activating all media sectors of the Southern Transitional Council and building southern media institutions that meet the requirements of the present and future entitlements on the path of building an independent, federal southern state with its full sovereignty.

For his part, Sheikh bin Hattabain blessed the decision of the President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi to establish the National Southern Media Authority, praising the positive steps taken by the authority in organizing media work and raising awareness of the people of the South in their just cause and confronting the media of the Yemeni occupation.

The meeting also reviewed the steps that the National Southern Media Authority to accomplish to enhance the effectiveness of southern media internally and externally.

They also discussed the conditions that the south and Hadramout are going through, along the coast and valley in particular.

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