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Al-Mashouk Calls for Urgent Help to Face the Catastrophe of Land Mines

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Shabwa / Bihan – Osilan [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Hussain Mashouk, a writer and analyst, launched an urgent call for facing land mines that kill innocent citizens every hour. Mashouk said:
To all humanitarian associations and organizations, UN, Human rights foundations, UNICEF and Yemeni Government:
The situation reached its worst peak in Bihan and Osilan where land mines kill and distort citizens, mothers and children every hour. I call for free media men all over the world to make the cries of those innocent victims to be heard. On Thursday January 18th, 2018, I was among the urgent awareness team about the danger of land mines initiated by the executive center for dealing with land mines – Adan branch with support of UNICEF, to hold two meetings with citizens. Suddenly we heard an explosion north of Al-Nukoub – Osilan near Al-Gouf village. Supervisor of the team, Mohamed Fadl Al-Oraby, ordered team head, Salah Ben Saleem, to change our direction to the accident area. There, we saw a small car torn apart by the explosion of a land mine and thank god, the driver survived. After taking photos for the accident, army explosive specialists found three more mines at the same area where we we were standing. We call for all those who are concerned to declare the two directorates as being plagued by land mines and to interfere immediately to clear land mines from roads, farms, villages and residences. We call for colonel Haitham Atef, director of Adan Executive Center for Dealing with Land Mines to send mine squads to clear the area. We call for governor of Shabwa to interfere with his department to revive the totally destroyed services in the area.

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