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Al-Muharrami and Al-Daari discuss the latest military developments

Abdul Rahman Abu Zaraa Al-Muharrami, Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council and member of the Presidential Leadership Council, on Sunday, was briefed on military developments during his meeting with the Minister of Defense, Mohsen Al-Daari, at the Presidential Palace in the capital, Aden.

The meeting discussed the escalating Houthi threats to international shipping lines in the Red Sea, and the forces’ preparations to contribute effectively to protecting maritime shipping lines, in coordination with partners.

Al-Muharrami got acquainted on the Ministry of Defense’s programs to develop and advance the military institution, and raise the alertness and readiness of its members, in light of the security and military challenges facing the country.

He stressed the need for the 2024 training year to include specialized programs that enhance the level of discipline and raise the efficiency and capabilities of leaders and individuals alike, and reflect positively on the state of security and stability.

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