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Al-Muharrami expresses his satisfaction with the arrival of the solar and President power stations’ projects to their final stages

Abdul Rahman Al-Muharrami, member of the Presidential Leadership Council, got briefed on the progress of the work of the energy drainage project for the President power station and the level of completion of the final stages of the “120 megawatt” solar energy station project provided by the United Arab Emirates.

This came during his meeting, in the capital, Aden, with the technical committee for following up on electricity projects, which was assigned by a presidential decision in July 2022.

In the meeting, Al-Muharrami listened to a detailed report on the completed stages of the energy drainage project, the difficulties that faced the previous stages, as well as the results of the committee’s follow-up of the work progress of operating the President station at its full capacity.

The committee’s report included a detailed explanation of the components of the energy management project for the President station, which includes the installation of three new “132 kilovolt” substations in Al-Haswa, Al-Mansoura, and Khormaksar, along with the establishment of control rooms, overhead transmission lines, and ground cables to transmit energy for a total of 18 kilometers, and the installation of electrical transformers and all necessary accessories to ensure effective and complete operation of the transformer stations and the energy transmission system, in which the committee explained that this project will transfer the energy that the new station will generate and deliver electricity to various areas in the capital, Aden, and the governorates of Lahj and Abyan.

Regarding the solar energy station, the technical committee’s report stated the components of the project, the percentage of completion in each stage, the quality and specifications of the materials used in the project, in addition to the timetable for the station to enter service, the gradual entry of which was launched.

Al-Muharrami expressed his satisfaction with the work accomplished in the two strategic projects that have reached their final stages, praising the great efforts made by the technical committee and its constant keenness to follow up the implementing companies and supervising the progress of the work of the two projects from their first stages, and its continuous coordination between the implementing companies and the official authorities to facilitate the work and completion of the two projects in accordance with Specifications and agreed upon schedule.

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