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Al-Muharrami Inspects Final Phase Progress of the Solar Power Plant Project in the Capital, Aden

Mr. Abdul Rahman Abu Zara’a Al-Muharami, Deputy President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), Vice Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), and Commander of the Southern Giants Brigades, inspected on Saturday the progress of the final phase of the 120 MW solar power plant provided by the brotherly United Arab Emirates (UAE) to support the electricity generation capacity.

This came during a visit he paid to the project site in the Bir Ahmed area in the capital, Aden, which has a total area of about 1.6 million square meters. Al-Muharrami expressed his satisfaction with the high pace he witnessed in the completion of the final phase, highlighting the importance of accelerating this pace, and bringing the station into service to alleviate the suffering of citizens.

Al-Muharami chaired a meeting with the project implementing and consulting companies in the presence of the Director General of the General Electricity Corporation, Eng. Mujeeb Al-Sha’bi.

At the meeting, Al-Muharami was briefed on the level of completion of the project and its components, the percentage of each phase, and the quality and specifications of the materials used in the project, which are compatible with the highest internationally approved standards, in addition to the timetable for the station to launch operating and enter into service.

In turn, those in charge of the project confirmed the start of operation of 20 MW of the station within the next three days, with the station operating at full capacity within a maximum period of three months, appreciating the efforts of Al-Muharrami in easing the difficulties and his continued monitoring and following-up, whether directly or through the team in his office since launching the project.

At the end of his visit, Al-Muharami expressed thanks and gratitude to the UAE, represented by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, for its unwavering support in the development process of the country and the capital, Aden, in particular.

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