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Al-Oush to Muslim Brotherhood: Socotra is Southern by Heart and Identity… It is Not One of Your Damen Hills

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Socotra – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Mohamed Ali Al-Oush, vice chairman of the cultural commission of the national assembly of the southern transitional council for Socotra, indicated that Socotra is witnessing a good stage of development with support of brothers in UAE in all fields that suffered from marginalization for years. In his exclusive statement to SAMA News, Al-Oush indicated that local authorities of Socotra are running Socotra’s affairs, away from the brotherhood party supported by Qatar. He added that Socotra was and still is southern, by heart and identity. Al-Oush asserted that the campaign against developments in Socotra is directed by Qatari Muslim brotherhood against UAE as they felt angry because of UAE support to Socotra. He also indicated that those who spared such rumors don’t even know Socotra. Adressing those he called “demonic groups” behind rumors against Socotra, Al-Oush said: better for you to liberate your bedrooms as this is a top priority for you but Socotra will never be one of your damen hills of Naham or Al-Goouf. Socotrans are part of the southern people and they will only be in partnership with friends and brothers in UAE.

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