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Al-Qaeda Admits the Killing of Its Propaganda Director in Yemen

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Follow-ups [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Al-Qaeda Terrorist Organization admitted the killing of Abu Hager Al-Makky, propaganda director of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, during a robot plan raid on Sanaa – Yemen on December 20th, 2017.
Long War Journal, a US news website specialized in anti-terrorism war in the middle east delivered the news today. The Pentagon announced last Wednesday that more than 120 raids were launched against terrorist formations in Yemen since the beginning of 2017. The French journal, Le Figaro, indicated that Al-Makky and five other terrorists of Al-Qaeda were killed last Wednesday in a US air raid, but US sources didn’t declare the names of the killed. Long War website rebroadcasted a video mourning Al-Makky that appeared on some social media pages known to be loyal to Al-Qaeda. It was noted that the video included a verse saying, “the virgins of Al-Hour Al-Eeen long for his meeting in paradise” in a clear indication of Al-Makky’s death. In addition, Long War indicated that information of the US Central Military Commandership asserted that killing of Al-Makky came along with major disturbance of media broadcast of Al-Qaeda in Yemen as “Al-Masra”, a periodical issued three times a month, was stopped since last July. Al-Qaeda indicated that “Al-Masra” is an independent periodical but Lon War confirmed it as belonging to Al-Makky. In addition, Al-Malahem Media house, the major media arm of Al-Qaeda was bombed during robot plans air raids and this explains why Al-Qaeda is using social media in broadcasting poorly produced recent statements, including Al-Makky mourning video.

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