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Al-Qaeda figure arrested in new STC security campaign in Abyan

The Southern Transitional Council (STC) announced on Sunday the launch of a large-scale campaign against Al-Qaeda following a series of attacks by militants.

The campaign of the Southern Transitional Council is “working to track down the terrorist elements in the valleys, mountains and some remote areas” in Abyan province’s Mudiyah district, the group’s Security Belt Forces (SBF) paramilitary said.

STC forces have been deployed to areas where Al-Qaeda militants are believed to be hiding, including at the entrance to Wadi Omran and villages where a joint army-STC security initiative has taken place, said the SBF.

The new security campaign in Mudiyah district had led to the arrest of a senior Al-Qaeda figure, known as Abu Al-Qaqaa.

The campaign comes after a suspected Al-Qaeda attack at an entrance to Mudiyah district on Saturday killed at least two fighters loyal to the STC, with five others injured.

Another suspected Al-Qaeda attack in Wadi Omran days earlier killed five STC fighters.

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