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Al-Sammad Threats with Disabling International Navigation in the Red Sea

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Sanaa – Islam Saif[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] In response to the severe causlties of Al-Houthi militias on most fronts in Yemen, Saleh Al-Sammad, chairman of the coup council and the prominent leader of Al-Houthi militias, threatened to disable international navigation in the Red Sea considering such act as a “strategic option” if “the political solution comes to a dead end” according to his words. During his meeting with Maeen Shureem, deputy of the UN Delegate to Yemen, Al-Sammad referred to not allowing ships to pass throw, in a clear indication to Al-Houthi intentions to target and disable international navigation in Bab Al-Mandeb and the Red Sea and this was not the first threat of that kind.
In addition, Al-Sammad criticized UN delegate to Yemen, Ismail Wald Al-Sheikh and UN role in Yemen describing it as “disappointing” and doubted its credibility in finding a solution to the Yemeni crisis saying, “we reached a stage where we can no longer trust UN to find a political solution in Yemen”. Al-Sammad expressed the readiness of Al-Houthi militias to involve in any negotiations on condition that they “feel a true and sincere will of UN”.
On the other hand, deputy of UN delegate asserted that the only reference is “UN decisions” and expressed his will to “move on in case Sanaa issued a political declaration about the understandings”, according to Al-Houthi News Agency.
It is noteworthy that this threat came in response to the advances of the Yemeni army on all fronts especially after restoring control over a strategic mountain series in Ketaf and Al-Baka in Souda, North of Yemen, near Saudi Borders on Monday. Several countries considered Al-Houthi militias as a threat to international navigation in Bab Al-Mandeb as the militias targeted several ships there. In addition, US government and the Arab Ally warned several times against Al-Houthi militias, supported by Iran, as a real threat against international navigation.

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