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Al-Saqqaf meets the Deputy Director General of Water and Sanitation Corporation in the capital, Aden

The member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, Head of the Executive Body of the Transitional Council in the capital, Aden, Moamen Al-Saqqaf, on Wednesday, met the Deputy Director General of the General Corporation for Water and Sanitation in the capital, Aden, for sanitation affairs, Eng. Zaki Haddad.

The meeting discussed sanitation problems in all districts of the capital, Aden, especially the districts that suffer from continuous sewage overflow, which has led to damage to some citizens’ homes.

Al-Saqqaf stressed the importance of improving sanitation services, the effects of which are directly reflected on the citizen, stressing the need to develop quick solutions and treatments to reduce sewage overflow and develop strategic solutions for the coming years.

He confirmed the importance of addressing any imbalances in sanitation, especially in areas containing central markets, as the holy month of Ramadan approaches.

Al-Saqqaf pointed out the importance of joint cooperation between the Aden Transitional Council and the Water and Sanitation Corporation, to provide services to citizens well, stressing his readiness to provide all support to the Corporation to reduce sanitation problems and overcome the difficulties facing its work.

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