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Al- Shabahy Meets the French Ambassador and his Deputy in Riad

[su_label type=”info”]SAMA News – Riad [/su_label] Adel Al-Shabay, member of the Foreign Affair Department of the Southern Transitional Council Met Christian Tisto, the French Ambassador and his deputy at their residence in Riad. The meeting came according to an official invitation to discuss peace opportunities in Yemen. Talks concentrated on methods for solving the southern cause and the tole of the southern transitional council as a partner in securing the region and fighting terrorism. Al-Shabahy indicated that the meeting was very fruitful as discussions covered most issues including the solution of the southern cause according to international conventions and the International Human Rights Declaration. The French ambassador promised to hold more meetings with leaders of the southern transitional council during the upcoming days. It is noteworthy that France is one of ten countries fostering peaceful solution in Yemen.

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