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Minister Al-Soqatri calls on FAO to include vital projects among its priorities

The Minister of Agriculture, Salem Al-Soqatri, on Friday, met with Abdul Hakim Rajab Al-Waer, Assistant Director of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO.
In the meeting, Minister Al-Soqatri discussed mutual cooperation and ways of strengthening the partnership between the two sides.

Al-Soqatri appreciated the efforts of FAO, and the strategic partnership with the organization, which contributed to the implementation of a number of projects in the agricultural sector to improve rural livelihoods and enhance resilience to food security challenges.

The two sides discussed mechanisms for developing the agricultural sector, improving food security and rural development, and including a number of projects within the future priorities of the organization, on top of which is the cultivation and production of coffee, improving the production of bee honey and date palms, and developing agriculture in Wadi Hajar.

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