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Al-Thaqali gets congratulations from Commander of coalition forces on appointing him as Governor of Socotra Archipelago

Naval Colonel Abdul Latif Al-Harbi, Commander of Force 808 for Support, congratulated Eng. Raafat Al-Thaqali, Governor of Socotra Archipelago, at the 808 Duty Forces headquarters, on the occasion of his appointment as Governor of Socotra Archipelago governorate.
Al-Harbi hosted a dinner banquet in honor of Governor Al-Thaqali, in the presence of Brigadier General Saleh Ali Saad, Socotra Governorate Undersecretary, and Mohammed Dooley, head of the Sheikhs Department of the General Council.
In turn, Al-Thaqali expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the 808 Duty Forces for support and assistance in the continuous support to the governorate and the provision of flights to transport the sick and stranded.

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