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Al-Wali and Al-Walidi meet a number of representatives of international organizations working in health and humanitarian field in Aden the capital

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Dr. Abdel Nasser Al-Wali, member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, head of the local leadership of the Council in the capital Aden, and Dr. Ali Al-Waleedi, undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Population for the primary health care sector, together met on Wednesday with a number of representatives of international organizations working in the health and humanitarian field in Aden.

In the meeting, Dr. Abdel Nasser Al-Wali praised the great and important role played by these organizations in the humanitarian and health aspects and their effective contribution to improve the health situation in the various provinces of the country.

Al-Wali also stressed on the need to unify health service efforts under the Ministry of Public Health and Population, and to work with the spirit of one team to yield fruitful results out of these efforts.

For his part, Dr. Al-Waleedi confirmed that the ministry contributes to provide all necessary medical equipment and supplies to confront the Corona virus in various governorates, and to improve primary health care in health centers and hospitals, expressing his thanks to the efforts made by the World Health Organization and humanitarian organizations for providing the necessary and emergency support to tackle epidemics and Corona pandemic.

The meeting discussed partnership efforts in facing the Corona pandemic and other epidemics, and enhancing cooperation and joint coordination with all international organizations and enabling them to provide all appropriate health care to patients.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Salem Al-Shabahi, Chairman of the Supreme Health Committee of the Self-Administration of the South, Dr. Ali Abdullah Saleh, Director General of the Public Health and Population Office in the capital Aden, and Dr. Souad Maisry, Director of the National Drug Supply Program, and Mr. Abdel Nasser Nameer, Director of the Office of the Minister of Health, and Dr. Noha Mahmoud, Director The World Health Organization in the capital Aden, and Dr. Abdel-Qader Al-Bakri, Executive Director General of the High Authority for Medicines and Health Supplies.


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