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Al-Waly: Our Top Priority is to Support National Unity and We Are Ready for Upcoming Rights

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_label type=”info”]Amman – SMA – PIC[/su_label][/su_spacer] Dr. Abd Al-Nasser Al-Waly, chairman of the local leadership of the southern transitional council in Adan indicated that top priority now is to support national unity as partners in one country under all circumstances. He also indicated that the council is ready for initiating a safe separation. Al-Waly indicated that the council is open-minded to all views and is willing to cooperate with everyone from Bab Al-Mandeb to Al-Mehra as we all live in one country and no one owns the absolute truth. We all may do right or wrong and we all need advice and guidance from all our people. He also indicated that Adan is rich with its patriotic sons who are distinguished in all fields and it is time for them to actively participate in restoring security, stability and development. Al-Waly also indicated that local leadership of Adan is ready for being part of any representative delegation to represent the south in any national, regional or international talks to advocate the southern rights in establishing an independent sovereign state on the borders of 1990 after two genocide wars and 25 years of failure of the so-called union that turned into a humiliating occupation and resentful robbery. He added that all sectarian and tribal powers of the north should bear the results of this failure and the southern transitional council is publicly delegated to advocate the southern rights; a duty that the council will never ignore.

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