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Al-Yafi criticizes negativity of international envoy and Arab coalition towards facing repercussions of #Corona

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Media critic Yasser Al-Yafi criticized the international envoy to Yemen Martin Griffith and his office, as well as the leadership of the Arab Coalition and the World Health Organization for their negativity towards facing the consequences of the Corona virus in Yemen.

Al-Yafi said in a post on his Facebook page that there is a negative attitude towards the international envoy to Yemen Martin Griffith and his office, as well as from the World Health Organization and the leadership of the Arab coalition to confront the Corona virus in Yemen.

He added that they are aware of the size of the coming danger and the lack of capabilities. However, we did not see any real interference towards stopping the fighting and mobilization and forcing the parties to prepare to confront Corona, just as what happened in Libya.

He also criticized their lack of support for the health sector and said: Likewise, the health sector must be supported in Aden and the rest of the governorates with urgent needs to tackle the disease.

Al-Yafi also called on the local parties to sense responsibility and addressed them, saying: If you do not have mercy on your people, you are not good in all of you, hurry to form medical committees and seek the help of countries and international organizations to confront the disease, both in its area of ​​control and according to its ability.

He said that it is a shame that the gatherings, especially the qat markets, to this day are operating and gathering millions of people there.

He addressed them all, saying: To all of you, if you do not stand with us in this crisis, we do not need you later

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