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Al-Zubaidy to France 24: What Comes After January 30th is not Like What Was Before it

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Follow-ups[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] In his interview with France 24 TV channel, Aidarous Al-Zubaidy, president of the Southern Transitional Council, expressed the council’s point of view about current situation in Adan. The following points summarize Al-Zubaidy’s point of view:
• We told them what came after May 4th is not like what was before it. And here we repeated it again: what comes after January 30th is not like what was before it.
• We warned against the government corruption and requested president Hady to change it several times but in vain.
• Crowds gathered peacefully, and we were astonished by using force against them. they were shot, injured and killed in the square.
• Security forces and southern resistance protected the people and defended them against the government’s acts.
• We are committed with our cooperation with the Arab Ally to achieve its strategic goals
• We are committed with restoring the southern state as a public option that can never be abandoned
• We appreciate peace and we will be part of any future negotiations. We want are rights fully through peaceful solutions
• We will not hesitate to participate with the Arab Ally in his war in the north and we will support the northern resistance supported by the Ally’s countries. If the Ally supported Tarek Mohamed in the north we will support him, but we will never accept northern troops on our national soil.
• We are the strategic ally to the Arab Ally and our troops are now in the west coast and can reach anywhere.
• Our right in self-determination is granted by the international law.
• We will go together till our people’s goals of freedom and independence are achieved

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