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Ali Al-Bukhaity, a Yemeni Political Activist, Describes President Hady as “Racist”

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Al-Arabia Al-Yemenia – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Ali Al-Bukhaity, a Yemeni political activist, said that all policies and appointments should be faced as they are all racial and territorial, and each Yemeni should refuse it. In his tweets on tweeter, Al-Bukhaity indicated that all Hady’s appointments are racial and only his close circle benefits from it. He takes the share on behalf of the whole south while only his gang benefits from it. In one tweet, Al-Bikhaity said: “territorial racism of Hady doesn’t benefit all sons of southern governorates as only a very narrow territorial group close to him and his son Galal benefits from it. They invest in past unjust, that Hady himself was one of its major causes, to serve the interests of their close friends”. In another tweet, he said: “85% of Hady’s appointments in the ministry of foreign affairs (embassies – consulates – delegates) in addition to other governmental associations are purely territorial that don’t respect the rights and efficiencies of employees. All efficient workers of the ministry of foreign affairs were excluded in favor of Hady’s territorial gang”.
Al-Bujhaity, a former leader in Al-Houthi militias who separated from them, asserted that “We found it difficult to talk about Racism of Hady against northern citizens, but it reached a limit that we can no longer stay silent about because of its serious results on the consistency of the Yemeni society”. He indicated that Hady’s decisions and appointments are the other face of dynasty racism of Al-Houthi, adding: “Soon we will open the file of racism, and when I talk about racism, I talk as a Yemeni not as a northern. This racism will do me no personal harm as I don’t seek to work with Hady. I consider it shame to work with him, but I respect those who accept to work with him for personal convections or role to be fulfilled”.
These statements came with the new crisis, adopted by the minister of interior affairs, who belongs to the same territory as Hady. It is noteworthy that Yemeni media tools launch a fierce campaign against Hady’s practices to drive the situation towards a southern / southern conflict.

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