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An Important Statement from Shabwa Citizens Concerning Escalation Against the Governor of Shabwa

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Shabwa – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_label type=”info”]Amman – SMA – PIC[/su_label][/su_spacer] Tribal leaders, public figures, local authorities and NGOs of Shabwa issued an important statement concerning public escalation against the governor of Shabwa who acted in an unacceptable manner, robbed public money and threatened citizens with guns. SMA News Publishes the statement as it is:

In the Name of God, Most Merciful and Most Gracious
And Peace Be Upon Prophet Mohamed
Dear citizens of Shabwa who paid your sons’ lives to protect your lands hoping to live in peace and dignity in our homeland with full respect to your and your sons’ future. Unfortunately, after all your sacrifices, we were all astonished by appointing “Ali Ben Rashed Al-Harethy” as a governor of Shabwa and since his appointment he committed the following unacceptable acts:
1. Unlike other governorates, prices of all petroleum products were increased without a law to organize prices and revenues were deposited in his personal accounts. The increase reached 800 Riyal for each 20 liters.
2. He added illegal tax on petroleum products (10 Riyals per liter) and revenues were deposited in his personal accounts.
3. Spending oil selling tax out of its purposes
4. Receiving Qat, real estates and other taxes directly and refusing to deposit it in official bank accounts
5. Spending unreal expenses with claims of supporting Bihan Front while Bihan didn’t receive any of this money.
6. Deterioration of infrastructure, including electricity and water supplies, and health facilities, including closing dialysis and cancer centers, in addition to hindering other services like education.
7. Spreading disorder in the governorate through random appointment of administrative positions without considering efficiency or experience as criteria for appointment. This led to closing three facilities in the governorate.
8. Selling administrative positions in the governorate and all directorates through brokers.
9. Marginalizing all directorates through not fulfilling their needs or considering their recommendations and this led to major conflicts, for example in Nesab Directorate on the position of general director as he refused the recommendations of public figures, local authorities and tribal leaders.
10. Deactivating courts of justice and attorney general offices of appeal and public money, in addition to other monitoring systems. This led to deterioration in daily life of citizens in all directorates.
These illegal acts were met by sincere advice from public figures, tribal leaders and local authorities but he insisted on his acts and used his sons to threaten those figures by guns.
Therefore, all citizens of Shabwa demand that president Abd Rabu Mansour Hady should interfere and transfer that corrupt person and his followers outside Shabwa in addition to confiscating all sums of money he and his followers robbed from the public treasury of the governorate. It is noteworthy that the tribe of this corrupt person is very honored among Shabwany society because of their heroic deeds in our national struggle and he is the sole person responsible for all those vicious acts.


Issued by
Public figures, tribal leaders and NGOs of Shabwa

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