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Arab Ally Slaps Ben Doghr’s Government Describing it with Failure

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Riyadh – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] In a statement issued on Saturday evening, the Arab Ally criticized Ben Doghr’s government, describing it with failure and confirmed the rightful demands of the people in the liberated territories. This statement is slap to the face of Ben Dighr’s government and the Reform and Conference parties as they expected the statement will accuse the southern transitional council with mutiny, but the statement came to the contrary of their expectations. The statement is the first Saudi recognition of the southern transitional council’s moves in a positive way. Observers indicated that the statement discouraged all efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hady’s supporters to image the situation as a coup against legitimacy. The Arab Ally called all parties to self-control, especially with the stressful situation in Adan resulting from the escalation of the southern transitional council and demands of dismissing Ben Doghr’s government and replacing it with a new government.
In the statement issued on Saturday evening, the Arab Ally said: “The Arab Ally for supporting Legitimacy in Yemen is observing closely the situations in Adan, the temporary capital, with media conflict about public demands of correcting disorders in the governmental sector. We call for all political and social components of Yemen to self-control, cool down and return to calm dialogue”. The statement added: “The Arab Ally asserts that all Yemeni citizens, with all their attitudes and convections, should feel their national responsibility in directing joint work with the Arab Ally towards liberating all Yemeni territories and defeating the Iranian militias of Al-Houthi. They should deny those who seek to break up the national unity or diverge their efforts to marginal conflicts any opportunity to do so as this is a political, humanitarian and ethical commitment. This means that all Yemeni components should concentrate its political and military efforts and neglect any thing that can lead to division or spilt or demolishing the state’s associations”.
The southern transitional council threatened last Sunday January 21st, 2018, to escalate against Ben Doghr’s corrupt government and gave President Hady one week to dismiss it. The one-week time line will end with a public demonstration in Al-Oroud Square – Khour Maxer.
Al-Rubaizy, a prominent leader of the southern movement and director of the office of former president Ali Salem Al-Beed, indicated that the Ally’s statement is a balanced one that that negated all media fabrications of the Reform party and Ben Doghr’s government, who issued during the past few days statements criticizing the Escalation of the southern transitional council against them saying that it is for Saudi and Emirati politicians. Al-Rubaizy also indicated that the statement put the responsibility on everyone towards what is happening of what the statement described as the temporary capital of Yemen. The Ally didn’t drift to engage in the campaign against the southern transitional council and didn’t consider its acts cas a coup against Hady’s legitimacy, as the Muslim Brotherhood media wanted. The council thinks that this is a step to be appreciated as we always asked the Ally not to listen to media tools of the Reform party in the north or those ignorant voices in the south. Al-Rubaizy wondered if the Arab Ally can foster a serious dialogue between the legitimacy, recognized by the Ally and the international society, and the southern people, represented by the southern transitional council, to at least reach regional comforts that the southern people will have the right of self-determination.

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