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As a First Step in Escalation, Adan Rises Against Ben Doghr’s Government

[su_label type=”info”]SAMA News – Aden[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_label type=”info”]Amman – SMA – PIC[/su_label][/su_spacer] As a first step against the corruption of Ben Doghr’s regimen, thousands of citizens gathered at Al-Shaheed Al-Gunaidy Square after Gomaa Prayer and marched all over the city of Kriter demanding the resignation of Ben Doghr’s corrupt government. Crowds hanged slogans including “Down with Ben Doghr’s Corruption”, “Corrupt government must leave” and other slogans expressing their anger against the failure of this government in dealing with critical issues of citizens’ daily life. Crowds called for the Arab Ally to find alternative solutions. Protests were called for by the Public Escalation Committee who started its protests by this march.
These protests came after a series of crises threatening lives of southern citizens with complete failure of Ben Doghr’s government to respond in a proper manner in addition to corruption incidents being uncovered lately. Crises included fuel monopolism, destruction of Adan Oil Refinery, unprecedent mad increases in strategic goods prices, delay of salary payment and poor condition of services like water and electricity. These crises reflect clearly the failure of Ben Doghr’s government to fulfill its responsibilities towards citizens in the south.
Gomaa Imam, Sheikh Mohamed Ramzo, indicated that the government should pay for its failure in not presuming its responsibilities towards the citizens, especially with increases of strategic goods prices up to more than 100%. He added that the peaceful revolution of the south represents our rejection to humiliation and compulsion. It is a revolution for freedom and dignity and the whole south is willing to pay the price of freedom by martyrs. Our revolution will never be stopped by cruel invasion or even corrupt acts a non-responsible government. We chose to fight for our dignity and freedom and paid our blood for it. We will stick to our revolution till we free our captives like Ahmed Al-Markeshy, who are detained in the invasion’s prisons. In addition, he called for all southern citizens to monitor all violations and illegal acts of this corrupt government.
Salem Al-Daiany, head of the supervisory committee indicated that these recent crises uncovered the government’s failure to fulfill its responsibilities towards citizens as most ministers are outside the country and most crises result from poor management not lack resources. He called for all citizens in Adan and all other southern governorates to continue their demand of dismissing this corrupt government and to find out a new mechanism for managing southern affairs in addition to punishing all monopoly acts that make use of the current situation and increase citizens suffering.

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