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At a meeting of Southern Journalists Syndicate … Bahashwan: We are working to take legal and administrative measures for membership in Arab and international press unions

Mr. Aidarous Bahashwan, Head of the Southern Journalists and Media Members Syndicate, affirmed that the entity is working to register its legal, administrative and professional presence at home in the South and abroad with Arab and regional unions, organizations and federations, and to start implementing these requirements as soon as possible.
This came in his opening speech at the meeting of the executive office of the Southern Journalists and Media Members Syndicate on Sunday, in the capital, Aden, headed by him.
Bahashwan explained that the executive office is in a permanent state to complete the foundation tasks in the structure of the Syndicate and its tasks required for the next stage.
He stressed the importance of translating the tasks and assignments stated in the Syndicate ‘s statement on Saturday into action plans and programs, noting the need to highlight the its role in responding to the requirements of the current and upcoming phase with regard to the Syndicate’s activity in the field of improving the living and professional situation, and completing the restructuring of the central Syndicate bodies and the governorates branches.
The meeting dealt with a number of issues and topics on its agenda and took a number of appropriate decisions and procedures, and an official logo for the Syndicate was adopted.

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