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At the Third Memory of “Storm of Determination”, Brigadier Ba Malam: Establishing the Southern State is the Only Guarantee for Security and Stability of the Region

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Brigadier Ahmed Mohamed Ba Malam, member of the presidency of the southern transitional council, indicated that the establishment of the southern state according to 1990 borders is the only guarantee for security and stability of the region, stopping Iranian interference and eliminating terrorism. Ba Malam expressed the deep relations linking the southern people to the Arab Coalition asserting that these relations are historic and based on sacrifice and joint destiny and no one can separate it adding “we (the southern people) and them (the Arab Coalition) are cooperative brothers joined together with eternal strategic mutual interests. Ba Malam’s office issued a press release on the third memory of launching operation “Storm of Determination” under commandership of Saudi Arabia and UAE and contribution of Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan to liberate the south and Yemen in general from terrorist militias and Iranian domination. Ba Malam, advisor of commander of the second military zone, indicated that the south is proud of the major sacrifices and glorious victories of the Arab Coalition who, for three years, contributed effectively in clearing the southern government from Al-Houthi militias and Iranian domination as the Coalition sacrificed the soles of his sons for the security and liberty of the south. He added that the operation came in response to the calls of the southern people to be saved from the tyranny of Al-Houthi militias that sought to control strategic positions and navigation routs to serve the Iranian agenda in the region. But on the evening of March 26th, 2015, the Arab Coalition exhausted their evil plan. Ba Mala, member of Hadhramaut Inclusive Conference, praised the efforts of Arab Coalition in fighting terrorism through supporting the formation of elites forces in Hadhramaut, Shabwa and Al-Mehra and security belt forces in Adan, Lahj, Al-Dalea and Abian, considering this support as a positive reflection of the successes and victories that cleared the south from this dangerous thinking that sought to distort security, peace and social stability of the region. He considered that those who underestimate or humiliate the role of Arab Coalition in the “Strom of Determination” and “Storm of Hope” operations through fake news and rumors are conspiring or collaborating with Al-Houthis and other terrorist militias to destroy the achieved victories against Iranian domination and fighting terrorism. Ba Malam thanked kings, presidents and emirs of Arab Coalition countries and their peoples for their courageous attitudes towards defeating unjust, oppression and foreign interference in the internal affairs of neighbors in addition to their sincere efforts in fighting terrorism and providing human aids and military advice for the southern governorates as these deeds helped the south to restore security and stability lost since 1994.

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