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Ben Brik Meets Khouri in Aden

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – – Aden – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_dropcap]G[/su_dropcap] eneral Ahmed Said Ben Brik, chairman of the southern national assembly, met Mr. Marwan Ali Khouri, director of UN delegate to Yemen’s office. The meeting, held in Aden, discussed efforts of Martin Griffith to solve the Yemeni crisis, including the southern cause, and all means of positive solutions that bring peace.

            The meeting also discussed the efforts of the southern transitional council to normalize life in Aden and to support work of security, military, service, public facilities and UN organizations in Aden.

            Ben Brik explained in details the events of Aden, its causes, measures taken by the council to normalize life in Aden and obstacles imposed by the legitimacy to hinder all that. He also asserted that normal life was fully restored to Aden.

            In turn, Khouri asserted full support of UN to all efforts that help continuation of UN and other international organizations work. He also asserted the importance of normalizing citizens’ life without any adverse effects on it according to international laws and conventions. He thanked the efforts of the council in this respect.

            Expressed the willingness of the council to facilitate work of UN and all other international organizations in favor of citizens’ life and security of Aden.

            Lofty Shatara, member of the council’s presidency, Dr. Anis Lockman, vice chairman of the southern national assembly, Ambassador Nasser Ali Ahmed, director of foreign relations, and Dr. Salem Al-Shubhi, head of health care committee of the national assembly, attended the meeting.

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